Benefits to Surgeons

REACH3D Medical is capable of supporting all the 3D visualization needs of Surgeons.

The SoloSIGHT 3D HD platform provides the surgeon a superior depth of field combined with precise hand-eye coordination. This is especially import as 3D vision supports faster, more accurate grasping and knots, enhances suturing and dissection efficiency by making it easier to focus within a certain depth plane, provides safer, more accurate diagnostic & surgical procedures by differentiating objects within visual fields and more accurate eye/hand coordination due to the brain working more effectively with 3D vision.


Surgeons are excited about this innovative technology as it is the only 3D endoscope in the world to provide:

  • Zero Learning Curve – 3D Endoscope is operated in the exact same manner as a 2D endoscope  - but with 3D vision
  • Unique Imagery Characteristics – 3D output appears 2D until 3D glasses used
  • High Utility in OR environment – fast reference of visuals, OR visitors do not require glasses to have understanding of procedure
  • Freedom from Effects of Bad 3D – SLP3D design removes issues that create Bad 3D
  • Personalized Visualization – Enhance or diminish 3D effect in real time
  • Improved Training – 3D recordings provide “in-depth” procedure review
  • Significantly shorter learning curves for new procedures
  • No disruption in existing workflows and tools
  • Precision and speed brought by precise spatial orientation
  • Broad Array of Endoscopes – – REACH3D offers multiple lengths, diameters and angles including​:

​            Scope Lengths:

           - 100mm, Arthroscopy

           - 187mm, ​Neuro/ENT(Sinuscope)
           - 315mm, Gen/GYN (Hystocscope / Cystoscope /                     Laparoscope)
           - 445mm, Bariatric

             Scope Diameters:

           - 2.7mm

           - 4mm
           - 5.5mm
           - 10mm

            Scope Angles:

           - 0 degree

           - 30 degree
           - custom angles available