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Further Capabilities

  • Personalized Visualization – enhance or diminish the 3D effect in real time
  • 3D recording
  • Live transmission of 3D over IP networks
  • Multiple supported image formats: still images, real time High Definition and Cinema Definition and , coming soon, Ultra-High Definition (4K)

Traditional 3D Capture Issues Removed

  • Lens Alignment – only 1 lens used – nothing to go out of alignment over time
  • Lens Matching – only 1 lens needed
  • Focus/Zoom Synchronization – only 1 lens for F/Z use
  • Camera Output Synchronization – only 1 camera used

Single Light Path 3D Vision

​REACH3D’s patented technology allows the creation of 3D images through a single light path. Standard 3D technologies utilize dual light path architecture (right eye / left eye) to generate 3D which has a number of drawbacks including complexity, high cost of ownership and limited utility for medical procedures.

REACH3D’s Single Light Path HD 3D technology eliminates the flaws of the dual lens/ dual light path design while simultaneously providing a cleaner image, lower cost of ownership and a much smaller diameter endoscope.  3D now becomes available for ENT, Spine, Arthroscopy, Pediatrics, and many more as well as supporting laparoscopy related cosmesis concerns and enhancing many laparoscopic procedures .