SoloSIGHT Family of Products

  • Soloscope 3D - Endoscope

          - 0 & 30 degree (custom angles available)

          - 5.5mm diameter (2.7mm, 4mm & 10mm in development)

          - Autoclavable

          - 187mm and 315mm lengths (custom lengths available)

  • SoloCam 3D - 3D Camera Head

          - 3MOS sensor

          - Manual focus and electronic zoom

          - Storage temp = 0-55oc

          - Sterilization with Sterrad

          - Programmable buttons

  • SoloCam 3D - 2D Camera Head

          - Universal adapter for flexible, semi-rigid and specialty scopes

          - Storage temp = 0-55oc

          - Sterilization with Sterrad

          - Programmable buttons

  • SoloVision 3D - - CCU

          - SDI and DVI outputs

          - Pre-loaded, procedure-based, lighting protocols

          - Accepts 3D camera, 2D camera and 3D Surgical Microscope camera

  • SoloBright - LED Light Source

          - 6300o Kelvin

          - Light levels equal to 300W Xenon

          - 20,000 hour LED life

  • Solo-IMS 3D - Image Management System

          - Enhance or diminish 3D effect in real time

          - Output for any 3D display including monitors, projectors etc.

  • Optional Items

          - SoloRecord - 3D and 2D Recording

          - SoloCast 3D - 3D over IP, live 3D viewing and virtual proctoring over the internet

          - MEEKROS - Surgical Microscope Adapter (Coming Soon), 

                                  - Provides 3D imagery for entire microscopy surgical team

​                                  - Utilizes industry standard Zeiss 2D microscope camera interface

To learn more about the advantages of the SoloSIGHT 3D HD Endoscopy Platform or to schedule a demonstration please click here to contact us.


​REACH3D now offers a SLP3D Rigid Endoscope Platform that provides true, native HD 1920x1080 3D imagery. Its ground breaking optical design ensures a bright, natural 3D image that is crisp and clean. REACH3D’s advanced 3D software (included) allows surgeons to record in 3D as well as capture 2D and 3D photos.  The precise  spatial orientation available assists surgeons in identifying critical anatomy.

REACH3D’s Single Light Path HD 3D technology eliminates the flaws of the dual lens/ dual light path design while simultaneously providing a cleaner image, lower cost of ownership and a much smaller diameter endoscope.  3D now becomes available for ENT, Spine, Arthroscopy, Pediatrics, and many more as well as supporting laparoscopy related cosmesis concerns and enhancing many laparoscopic procedures .

Unique Characteristics of Single Light Path 3D

  • Zero Learning Curve – our platform operates exactly like a 2D endoscope – but now in 3D
  • Simpler to Maintain – ½ the equipment of a traditional 3D design
  • Less Operator Fatigue – less weight and smaller size than traditional 3D designs
  • Unique Imagery Output – content appears 2D until 3D glasses used (High OR utility) switching 2D to 3D is as easy as looking over the 3D glasses
  • HDTV quality – crystal clear 3D imagery
  • Full Focusing Ability – For the first time ever – True fine tuning capability for your 3D surgical image