Unique Characteristics of Single Light Path 3D

  • Zero Learning Curve – our platform operates exactly like a 2D endoscope – but now in 3D
  • Simpler to Maintain – ½ the equipment of a traditional 3D design
  • Less Operator Fatigue – less weight and smaller size than traditional 3D designs
  • Unique Imagery Output – content appears 2D until 3D glasses used (High OR utility) switching 2D to 3D is as easy as looking over the 3D glasses
  • HDTV quality – crystal clear 3D imagery
  • Full Focusing Ability – For the first time ever – True fine tuning capability for your 3D surgical image

Success is within Reach

Single Light Path 3D Vision

By removing complexity from stereo 3D vision creation REACH3D's current breakthrough technology -- Single Light Path 3D HD –  has made possible a 3D Endoscope Platform that raises surgeon’s success rates while lowering procedure costs for hospitals. Single Light Path 3D (SLP3D) is created when REACH3D’s patented technology is integrated into the design of a single “eye” (single light path/single lens) endoscope platform. No longer is the traditional “right eye” / “left eye” (dual lens/dual light path) design required to produce stereo 3D. Traditional 3D vision methods for medical applications are complex, costly to maintain, labor intensive to manage and place great limitations on OR Procedures (they cannot be used in the same manner as a 2D scope is used).   REACH3D’s SLP3D technology frees 3D vision from those restraints once and for all.

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