Robert Maceluch

Mr. Maceluch has 41 years experience in dealing with: financial matters of all kinds; business accounting and process systems; software design, development, installation and implementation; and customer user training.

Mr. Maceluch graduated Spring Hill College with a degree in Mathematics in 1968.  Upon graduation, he joined the Navy and earned his designation as a Naval Aviator.  Upon completion of his Active Duty contract, he transitioned to the Naval Reserve, flew for another 20 years and retired from the Naval Reserves in 1999, having attained the rank of Captain (O-6).  During his later years as a senior officer, he served as Commanding Officer over several Reserve Units, as Naval Liaison to the Adjutant General for the State of Alabama and until his retirement as Naval Liaison to the Director of FEMA Region IV in Atlanta, GA. 

After his Active Duty he earned two more degrees (both Summa Cum Laude), his Certified Public Accountant certificate and in 1985 he started his own company, Business Software Services, Inc. (BSSI).  The business provided tax calculation services for fellow CPAs, hardware and accounting software solutions to the public, and business management consulting for companies in a four-state area (FL, GA, AL & MS).  He and his staff designed and wrote numerous stand-alone software solutions, which still run today, for dozens of companies.

Maceluch retired from his business in 2016 and is zealously involved in his community.  He has been elected and served locally as a State Constable (8 years) and a County Reserve Deputy Sheriff (15 years).  He has been elected and serves as leadership in numerous civic and social organizations in the city.  Maceluch is an unfailing advocate for his Catholic faith and a dedicated servant and supporter of his Parish church.

Maceluch is married, has three lovely daughters, an equal number of sons-in-law, and seven exceptional grandchildren.  He resides in Mobile, AL and periodically flies his personal plane to visit his exceptional grandchildren in Florida and Virginia.