REACH3D CEO Receives Prestigious Legacy Entrepreneur of 2014 Award

February 4, 2015 - (Panama City, FL) -  The CEO of REACH3D, an S3D industry innovation leader, has been chosen as the Legacy Entrepreneur of 2014.   The Gulf Coast College Entrepreneur of the Year Awards recognize and honor outstanding innovators for their key roles across Bay, Gulf, and Franklin Counties   

Gulf Coast State College defines a Legacy Entrepreneur as: (1) In business for 20 years or more, (2) Currently engaged in community leadership role, (3) Economic and/or social impact of the venture to the community, (4) Long life achievement that transformed the community and created a precedent, (5) Demonstrates innovation: has transformed traditional practice by innovative products, service approach or business model.

 “I am deeply honored to receive this award and I am blessed to have had so many opportunities provided by the great people and the great Florida Northwest communities that I have served for all these years” noted CEO Clif Parker, “and I truly appreciate the vote of confidence that our innovative Single Light Path 3D HD Endoscopy System has received by my selection.”


REACH3D is changing the way we interact with our world by bringing stereoscopic 3D out of the movie theater and into our everyday lives as a potent and effective productivity tool. As a 3D industry leader REACH3D offers a complete solution for 3D DOOH needs including Digital Signage and Event Marketing. Its Absorb3D division supports markets as diverse as Military, Medical, Consumer Products, and Education by using its years of S3D experience to enable virtually any product, service or process with the power and utility of stereoscopic 3D. As an innovation leader REACH3D continues to bring new products and services to the markets it serves.