Benefits to Surgeons

REACH3D Medical is capable of supporting all the 3D visualization needs of Surgeons.

The SoloSIGHT 3D HD platform provides the surgeon a superior depth of field combined with precise hand-eye coordination. This is especially import as 3D vision supports faster, more accurate grasping and knots, enhances suturing and dissection efficiency by making it easier to focus within a certain depth plane, provides safer, more accurate diagnostic & surgical procedures by differentiating objects within visual fields and more accurate eye/hand coordination due to the brain working more effectively with 3D vision.

Benefits to Hospitals

  • Lower Operating Costs – Utilizes standard endoscope consumables/accessories
  • ​Simpler Maintenance – Half of competitors’ components & more stable over time
  • ​Greater Value – (2) 3D endoscope included in price, An Industry First!
  • ​Greater Utility – Universal 2D endoscope head available – One-platform-does-it-all allowing 2D HD use of flexible, semi-rigid and specialty scopes
  • ​Lower surgeon training cost  - 3D significantly reduces the learning curve allowing surgeons to take on a wider array of procedures
  • ​Higher revenues – 3D allows procedures to be done faster (raising revenues through more procedures per day) and with fewer mistakes (lowering costs with fewer expenses)