Pete Carnegie

Peter Carnegie has 14 years of experience in minimally invasive surgery. His robotic surgery experience spans 10 years, primarily in the area of robotic cardiothoracic surgery program development. 

As CEO of MIS, his vision has led to the development of multiple successful robotic cardiothoracic programs that include the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), the University of Alabama, Birmingham (UAB), and SSM DePaul in St. Louis, MO. Additionally, MIS has designed and implemented revolutionary clinical and sales mastery programs for new robotic companies like Mazor Robotics. 

Previously, as COO, he developed the concept of procedure mapping which led to an unprecedented understanding of how to create advanced robotic surgery programs with a very high degree of success. He also developed a decision support tool that enabled the company to understand the financial impact of single and multiple variables on the development of advanced robotic programs. 

He worked at Intuitive Surgical as the U.S. Program Development Manager for Cardiothoracic, Head & Neck Surgery where he refined, implemented and supervised the clinical pathway, converting the number one cardiac program in the country (Cleveland Clinic) to robotic mitral valve repair.

While at Intuitive, Carnegie held positions as Cardiothoracic Sales Manager, Clinical Sales Manager and Account Manager. He refined and promoted robotic thoracic surgery with a focus on robotic lobectomy. Currently, robotic thoracic surgery is the fastest growing specialty in the history of robotic surgery. He worked with robotic pioneers in thoracic surgery like Mark Dylewski MD, South Miami Hospital and Robert Cerfolio MD from the University of Alabama Birmingham. Additionally, he refined and promoted the robotic aortic valve procedure featuring percutaneous valve technologies applied robotically through a port-only approach.

Prior to Intuitive, Carnegie worked at Ethicon Endo-Surgery of Johnson & Johnson. Awarded the Douglas McArthur Leadership Award as the 1st Regimental Commander, Peter graduated with an undergraduate degree from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point as a Life Sciences major. He went on to serve as an Armor Officer in three combat tours in the Balkans; two consecutive tours in Bosnia and one in Kosovo. A decorated veteran, Peter holds the distinction of being the only Armor lieutenant in the history of the Armor Branch to earn the Order of St. Maurice, the Patron Saint of the Infantry.